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The design studio with two locations in Thuringia and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in Germany was founded in 2020 by the landscape architect and garden monument conservator Catrin Seidel. After almost two decades of restoring historical state gardens in Thuringia, she has since devoted herself to her second passion, flowers. Her floral artworks, inspired by the garden and nature, adorn weddings, events, stages, restaurant tables and hotel lobbies, shop counters, kitchen tables, exhibitions, Advent and door wreaths, workshops, children's heads and bridal hairstyles, picnic blankets on sandy beaches and art installations in cultural Weimar and on the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Hiddensee.


Photo Tina Sosna


"The love for things that grow, the enjoyment of the smell of earth and the scent of flowers, the full taste of fresh vegetables, the joy of the animals in the garden - this thousand-year-old feeling can carry people into the future. It is the counterweight to technology and science, which are indispensable for the future. Only the balance of all things, of the system, the acceptance of a material cycle in the sense of: I give back what I have taken, can secure the future of mankind on our earth. Gardens have the potential to be the model for saving our planet on a small scale. 

For me, the local and sustainable cultivation of and the artistic and creative design with the flowers without creative regimentation is part of the process of reconnecting to the root of our culture, the gardening creation at the beginning of human existence. The decoupled, urban and digitally shaped person experiences the beauty and deep satisfaction of grasping, picking, smelling and arranging the flowers with all their senses.”


The flowers of blÿh are grown locally in central Germany in Weimar (Thuringia) and in the north on the Baltic Sea island of Hiddensee by Catrin. Catrin re-curates the blÿh range every year and is also happy to respond to special customer requests.  


“It is important to me to grow and harvest the flowers myself, this gives a great appreciation for each individual flower and I have a better sense of use. This allows me to pick out the most wonderful specimens for my customers.

I work as sustainably as possible, for example by not using peat-based soils, I only use biologically produced, organic fertilizers, of course no weed killers, often work by hand, compost myself and try to act in a resource-saving manner.” 

blÿh is a member of the Slowflower movement. 


Photo Tina Sosna


Blÿh works at both locations and can be booked throughout Germany as well as for international cooperation or orders.


A larger studio is currently being built on the island of Hiddensee and workshops will be held on the beach property from 2022.

From 2023, the studio can also be booked outside of the workshops for work stays by floral designers. The Strandhaus Hydde , designed by the Berlin architect Thomas Kröger, can be booked as a photo location on request.

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